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Adam Chrzanowski

Adam Chrzanowski


Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering
University of New Brunswick
P.O. Box 4400; Fredericton, N.B.; E3B 5A3 CANADA
Tel: (506) 453-5149; Fax: (506) 453-4943; e-mail:

Current Positions

(1) Professor Emeritus (since 1998), Dept. of Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering, UNB, Fredericton, N.B.

(2) Director (since 2001) of the Canadian Centre for Geodetic Engineering, UNB.

(3) Vice-President (since 2006), Monitoring Systems Ltd. (consultants in engineering and mining surveys), Fredericton, N.B.

Areas of Expertise

Monitoring and analysis of deformations in engineering and geoscience projects, geodetic control surveys, engineering surveys of high precision, mining and tunnelling surveys,

geodetic and rock mechanics instrumentation, ground subsidence in mining areas.

Academic and Professional Qualifications

1954 Geodetic Engineering, Techn. University of Mining, Krakow, Poland.

1956 M.Sc.Eng. in Mining Surveying, Techn. University of Mining, Krakow, Poland.

1962 Ph.D. in Deodetic Engineering, Techn. University of Mining, Krakow, Poland.

1969 Registered Professional Engineer, Province of New Brunsiwck, Canada

Major Honours and Awards

2005: Elected as a Foreign Member of the Polish Academy of Science (PAN)

2005: Awarded the life membership, Canadian Institute of Geomatics

2004: Awarded the life membership, N.B. Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists

2004: Awarded the honorary title: Doctor honoris causa, Technical University of Mining, Poland

2003: Awarded the life membership, American Association of Geodetic Surveyors

2002: Awarded the honorary title: Doctor honoris causa, University of Warmia and Mazury, Poland

2002: Elected Honorary Fellow of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineering Surveyors

2000: Elected (approved by the President of Polish Republic) as a Foreign Member of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (PAU)

2000: Gold Medal of Merit awarded by the Ministry of Resources (Poland) for contributions to mining industry

1999: Awarded the tiltle: Honorary Professor at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Poland

1998: Awarded the title of honoris causa Professor Emeritus at the University of New Brunswick

1995: Awarded the Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit (awarded by the President of Poland) for contributions to the scientific exchange and cooperation between Canadian and Polish universities.

1994: Medal of Appreciation awarded by the PB/MK Team (USA) for contributions to the Superconducting Super Collider project in Texas

1993: 'Mining Sword' awarded by the Polish Institute of Mining for significant contributions to the mining industry.

1986: Awarded the title: Honorary Professor at the Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping in People's Republic of China - in recognition of contributions to new developments in engineering surveys

Academic and Major Industrial Appointments

(a) Full-time Academic Appointments:

1998 – present: Professor Emeritus and Director of Canadian Centre for Geodetic Engineering,

University of New Brunswick

1971-1998: Professor, Dept. of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering (former Surveying Engineering), University of New Brunswick (UNB) , Fredericton, N.B., Canada.

1991 - 1995: Chairman, ibid

1989/1990: Acting Chairman, ibid

1971: Acting chairman, ibid

1966-1971: Associate Professor, ibid

1964-1966: NRC Postdoctoral Fellow, ibid

1962-1964: Assistant Professor, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow, Poland.

1956-1962: Lecturer, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow, Poland.

(b)Academic - Visiting Professorships:

1987 (one month): Mining Institute of Technology, Xuzhou, P.R. China

1984 (6 months): Swiss Federal Techn. Univ., Lausanne, Switzerland)

1983 (one month): Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping, P.R. China

1980 (6 months): Swiss Federal. Techn. Univ., Zurich, Switzerland;

1977 (6 months): Techn. Univ. of Fed. Armed Forces, Munich, Germany;

1973 (5 months): Univ. of Tucuman, Argentina;

1972 (4 months): Univ. of Brasilia, Brazil.

1968:(3 months), University of New South Wales, Australia.

Summers of 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, and 1974: Visiting Professor, Summer Glaciological Institute in Juneau, Alaska

(c) Industrial Appointments

2006 - present:Vice-President, Monitoring Systems Ltd., Frdedericton, N.B.

1999 Ė 2006: President, A. Chrzanowski & Associates Ltd. (ACA), Fredericton, N.B.

1985 - 1999: President, Monitoring Systems Inc.

1978 - 1985: Vice-president, Ecological and Resources Consultants Ltd.

1956 - 1959: Geodetic Engineer, Engineering and Technical Designers, Krakow, Poland.

1954 - 1956: Chief Surveyor, Hydro-Engineering Company, Krakow, Poland


Recent (2000 - 2007) and Current(2008) Major Research and Industrial Activity

• Director and Consultant (UNB group), ACOA/AIF Round 1 project No.100-4880 on Develepment of New Methods and Techniques for deformation Measurements and Analysis,

as a partner to C-CORE, St. Johnís Nfdld, (2002-2007);

• Automation of deformation monitoring surveys using combination of robotic total stations with GPS and geotechnical sensors;

• Development and industrial applications of ALERT system for fully automated monitoring of structural and ground deformations (applied in monitoring stability of large earth dams, steep embankments, and bench walls in large open pit mines in Canada, USA, Chile, and Venezuela;

• Development of SCAN system for semi-automatic monitoring of structural deformations;

• Use of Pseudolites in hybrid deformation monitoring systems and in underground navigation;

• Ground subsidence monitoring, analysis, and numerical modelling using finite elements method -

PCS potash mines in New Brunswick, Canada;

•Design and implementation of a fully automated scheme for monitoring displacements at CODELCO copper mines in Chile;

• Evaluation and enhancement of an automated survey scheme for monitoring high wall deformations at the Highland Valley Copper mine in B.C., Canada;

• Modelling of ground subsidence and dyke deformation in oil fields (PDVSA) in Venezuela;

• Conceptual design of an integrated scheme (levelling + tiltmeters) for deformation monitoring in a tunnelling project in Pasadena, California (for Psomas Inc., USA);

• Conceptual design of and software development for a fully automated deformation monitoring scheme at the Diamond Valley Lake in California (for Metropolitan Water District of S. California);

• Evaluation of monitoring requirements due to oil withdrawal in the City of Long Beach, California (for Condor Earth Technologies USA);

• Determination of rock stress from surface monitoring surveys at the KGHM Polish Copper mines in Poland

• Software development and training - monitoring and analysis of dam deformations (for Los Angeles County Public Works Department)

• Design and implementation of a deformation monitoring scheme – Warsak Hydroelectric Power Station in Pakistan

• Software development and training – monitoring of ground subsidence and structural deformations in oil fields in Venezuela (for PDVSA petroleum company)

Summary of the past (1956-1998) R&D and major industrial projects and achievements

1968 - 1998: Development of a unique for North America university specialisation in engineering and mining surveys at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

1985 - 1997: Development of a method (known as the S-C method) for numerical modelling and prediction of ground subsidence in mining areas (together with A. Szostak-Chrzanowski);

1991 - 1993: Design of geodetic control network and tunnelling surveys for the Superconducting Super Collider in Texas (together with MSI Inc., USA);

1990 - 1993: Development of guidelines for deformation monitoring and analysis of large engineering structures (for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

1997 – 1998 Evaluation and redesign of deformation monitoring surveys for 29 large dams in Los

Angeles County (for Genterra Consultants, USA)

1997 – 1998 Design of accuracy requirements for a fully automated navigation system for a Mining Automation Project at INCO Inc. mines in Sudbury, Ont.

1980 - 1994: Development of a generalized method (known as the UNB Generalized Method) for integrated deformation analysis in engineering and geosciences (together with Y.Q. Chen);

1987 - 1988: Development and implementation of a three-dimensional coordinating system for precision alignment and positiong surveys for industrial metrology (together with J. Secord and F. Wilkins).

1986 -1988 Pioneering integration of GPS with terrestrial surveys in ground subsidence studies (oil fields in Venezuela);

1987 -1988: Development of an automatic borehole scanning inclinometer for Syncrude Canada Inc. (together with A. Makosinski and W. Faig)

1984 - 1987: Development of a motorised system for trigonometric height traversing of high precision (for Geodetic Survey of Canada)

1979 - 1982: Development of a radio-telemetric system for continuous monitoring of ground movements (together with B. Kurz, W. Faig and A. Makosinski) for CANMET

1979 - 1980: Development of procedures for the optimal design of tunnelling surveys;

1976 – 1979: Design and analysis of horizontal and vertical control surveys in urban areas

1965 - 1978: Development and construction of prototypes of laser instruments of high precision for alignment surveys, mine orientation surveys (two models of laser plummets) and

for levelling of high precision (together with S. Masry, and F. Ahmed).

1967 – 1970: Research on drift in gyro-azimuth determination

1966 – 1968: Research on “ground swing” effects in microwave distance measurements

1964 – 1966: Research on optimal design of geodetic control surveys (concept of “triangulateration”)

1960 – 1964: Use of EDM in mining surveys

1956 – 1962: Analysis of sources of errors in mine orientation surveys and development of new devices for mechanical shaft plumbing

Other Major Academic and Professional Activities

• Co-founder (1976) and Presidium member (1976-present) of the International Society for Mine Surveying (ISM),

• Founder(1970) and chairman (1970-1975; 1998-present)of the Canadian (CIG) Committee on Engineering and Mining Surveying

• Chairman, International (FIG) Working Group 6.1 on Deformation Surveys since 1988

• Director and Chairman of the 1-st and 5th and co-chairman of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th Canadian Symposia on Mining Surveying (Fredericton, 1969; Kingston, 1974; Sudbury, 1979; Banff, 1982, Fredericton 1988, Banff 1993).

• Chairman of the FIG Ad Hoc Committee on the Analysis of Deformation Surveys (1978- 1990)

• Member, Special Commission SC4 (Applications of Geodesy to Engineering), IAG-Section I (since 1991)

• Associate Editor of "Geomatica", Canada, since 1968

• Editor advisor of the Acta Geodaetica et Cartographica Sinica, P.R. China (since 2000)

• Associate Editor: “Technical Sciences”, Poland (since 2001)

• Member of the International Editorial Board of "Geoinformation Science Journal" (since 2001)

• Coordinator of the scientific exchange program between UNB and Univ. of Warmia and Mazury,Poland (since 1997)

• Advisor, Hong Kong Universities Research Grants Panel (since 1996)

• Member, Assessment Committee of the Dept. of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (since 1997)

• Advisor to Dam Engineering Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 1995

• Advisor to the 8th International Symposium on Deformation Measurements, Hong Kong, 1996

• Co-Director , 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th International (FIG) Symposia on Deformation Surveys (Banff 1993, Olsztyn 1999, Orange, CA 2001, Santorini, Greece, 2003, and Baden, Austria 2006)

• Director and Chairman of the 5th International (FIG) Symposium on Deformation Surveys (Fredericton 1988)

• Coordinator of the scientific exchange programme between U.N.B. and the Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping in P.R. China (1983-1990).

• Consultant to the International Advisory Panel on Chinese Education (1987)

• Project Director; Cooperative Program between UNB and the Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping, China (sponsored by CIDA 1984-1988);

• Co-organizer of the Workshop on Deformation Surveys (M.I.T. Cambridge, MA.), 1986.

• Co-organizer of the Workshop on Standards and Specifications for Integrated Survey Systems, Munich, Germany, 1977.

• Director and Chairman of the Brazilian Symposium on Engineering and Urban Surveys, Brasilia City, 1972.


• 1965 – Member of the Mt. Kennedy mapping expedition (Yukon/Alaska) organised by the

National Geographic Society and Boston Museum of Science;


Over 200 published papers and book chapters on geodetic, engineering, urban, and mining surveys. One patent granted: co-author: S. Masry, "Laser Optical Plummet," Canadian Patent No. 811923, 1969. See List of Publications at and at

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